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Epic Games incredible marketing stunt (98 hits)

Epic games, the owner of Fortnite is the hottest company in the Esports realm right now. Fortnite is the worlds most played and most popular game in the entire world for the last two years. Other games like: Apex Legends and Call of Duty have tried to knock Fortnite off their high chair but couldn't. Fortnite runs in seasons and changes the season every 2 months, this past monday Fornite's season changed to season 11 chapter 2 of their games life span. But this season change was not like the others, once the clock ran down to change season the live event in the game changed marketing and shocked the community. During the live event the map and eveyrone's screen was engulfed by a black hole... people waited 20 minutes to four hours for something to happen but the black hole never left. This marketing strategy was so powerful that it made news eveyrwhere and on every platform, the event even had Lady Gaga tweeting. The event lasted 48 hours, players streamed and Fortnite themselve streamed this black hole for the 48 hours breaking viewer records on the platform Twitch. After the 48 hours of bordem and mahiem the game finally came back and the number of viewers and players shot up to the highest its ever been. This marketing strategy turned heads around the world and was able to reach millions of gamers and non gamers.
Posted By: Tyler Hayek
Wednesday, October 16th 2019 at 11:03AM
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